The Power of Electrical Engineering

The Power of Electrical Engineering 


The E³.series is a modular engineering system for electrotechnical, wiring and wiring harness, pneumatic

and hydraulic design. It supports the user throughout the entire engineering process, from development

tomanufacturing. By being completely Windows®-based, the E³.series is easy to learn and use.

E³.series uses the latest technology and its success is proven with over 2,000 customers worldwide –

making it a safe investment in your E-CAD future.

Object-oriented Architecture

The E³.series is based upon an object-oriented database with all modules feeding back to a single data structure. There is no data transfer between the individual modules, ensuring that errors are avoided while increasing the quality of the results and ensuring any necessary changes are made efficiently.


The bi-directional programming interface permits access to the object-oriented database.

Integrated interfaces make it possible to import and export DXF/DWG, TIFF, GIF, JPG, PDF, DGN, CGM and VRML, STEP AP-214 data. E³.series accepts data from other ECAD systems and is easy to integrate into your existing design environment, with PDM, ERP or 3D M-CAD systems.


The Multi-User option of E³.series Enterprise makes simultaneous engineering possible, significantly reducing the lead time of your project.

E³.series Standard Modules


Complete design from circuit diagrams to terminal plans and BOMs. Object-oriented technology and online verification provide design tools in the areas of electrical engineering, hydraulics and pneumatics.

• circuit schematics for electrical engineering

• hydraulics and pneumatics

• logic and electrical checks

• online terminal plans

• online bill of materials

• automatic connections

Standard module E³.schematic and database preview


Makes it possible to design hydraulic and pneumatic systems with all the advantages of the object-oriented E³.series functionality, either as a stand-alone module, or together with the electrical design in one complete system.

• circuit diagrams for hydraulics and pneumatics

• online functionality with all E³.series modules

• online bill of materials

• logic checks for active error avoidance

• enhanced graphic properties

• symbol rotation in any angle

• reports for production, start-up and service

E³.fluid – schematic and tubing


For development, design and documentation of electrical systems in automotive and transportation, machinery and heavy equipment, military and aerospace sectors as well as other industries. Users can generate specific views for design, production and service.

Design your system with the help of E³.cable’s integrated language database. It supports numerous languages and all Windows® fonts. By simply switching, any text is displayed in the desired language. With UNICODE, Asian characters are also available.

With a user-interface available in 10 languages, E³.cable is used in many countries around the world, in the native language.

• documentation of cables and cable harnesses

• verification of mating connectors and connector pin terminals

• multiple views of cable for design, production and service

• interface with 3D M-CAD systems

   E³.cable standard functionality                                                      E³.cable – enhanced standard display (optional)

E³.series Optional Modules


For manufacturing of harnesses, the E³.formboard option offers additional functions to create a scaled 1:1 drawing of a harness. The formboard drawing is a view of the cables and harnesses defined in the schematic drawing.

• manufacturing length definition on any segment

• automatic segment adjustment

• predefined adjustment direction

• dynamic connector tables

• easy rotation of branches

• wire assignment in connector tables

• addition of cable protection (e.g. shrinking tubes)  and fasteners

• addition of nail points and branch attributes


Distribute original design data. The intelligent circuit diagrams generated in E³.series are available for viewing. View complete documentation, do a quick search and print as required – a qualified data exchange with production, service, the supplier and the customer is guaranteed. This module is available


For use in designing, implementation and production phases. In addition to E³.view functionality, any required modifications to graphics and text can be documented with this module.

By exchanging the redliner information, modifications can be completed in the E³.series original drawings. Individual changes are only a mouse click away by using the simple search function.

E3. redline supports graphical and textual


Connect the panel layout with the corresponding schematics online and generate complete documentation for production.

Automatically calculate wires and connection routes enabling preassembly of wires and cables.

• panel layout

• automatic wiring

• cross-section checks

• control wiring machines, drilling machines, etc.

3D Panel View with STEP Model

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