Advanced PCB Design Software

CR-8000: Product-centric 3D PCB Design Platform

Building a competitive product today is much more difficult than a few years ago. Existing PCB-centric design processes are limited to a single PCB and do not provide the necessary tools for today’s competitive product development environment. PCB-centric design processes are falling behind.

CR-8000 is a product-centric design solution that provides the tools to optimize a design at both the product and PCB design level. Product-centric design processes provide architectural validation of the design against product requirements. Validating the product architecture against the product requirements significantly reduces delivery risk. Product-centric detailed design includes 2D/3D multi-board design and implementation, FPGA I/O optimization, chip/package/board co-design, and 3D MCAD integration all in one design process.

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Multi-site ECAD Library and Data

Multi-site ECAD Library & Data

Library and data management needs to be scalable from one site to many. Designs and library data need to be versioned and all changes synchronized across your organization.

Design Exploration

Design Exploration

Design exploration and optimization bridges the design process gap between marketing requirements and detailed design. Bridging this gap will improve product quality, lower costs and delivery risk.

3D Multi-board PCB Design

2D/3D Multi-board PCB Design

Today’s complex products require a new design approach where multiple boards can be managed as a single design with 2D and 3D visualization

Advanced Packaging

Advanced Packaging

Design Force offers an intuitive, integrated environment for designing single and multi-die packages for wire-bond, flip-chip, and high density advanced packaging or printed circuit board (PCB).

3D ECAD MCAD Convergence

3D ECAD/MCAD Convergence

3D product visualization is becoming a critical need as the electrical and mechanical designs converge with little room for error. Detection at the prototype phase may be too late.

Chip-Package Board Co-design

Chip-Package-Board Co-design

Poor I/O assignments on a newly designed package can leave a PCB unroutable. Merging the packaging and PCB design into a single design solution significantly increases design quality.

Design Reuse

Modular Design

Competitive products are combining the re-use of trusted design elements with new innovative design. Formal design reuse across your organization allows you to focus on innovation.

Simulation and Analysis

Simulation and Analysis

During circuit design, Design Gateway provides embedded simulation, analysis and electrical rules checking.

Component Information

FPGA Pin Optimization

Graphical Pin Manager enables design teams to communicate I/O and constraint information intelligently for FPGAs or other high-pin count devices, at any time, using Design Gateway and Design Force.

Design for Manufacturing

Design for Manufacturing

Conduct manufacturing audits at any point in the design cycle and create manufacturing outputs for package, flex, or rigid designs.

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