Archicad BIM Competition Introduction

Archicad BIM competition organized by GreenDS and Graphisoft since 2014, in cooperation with universities in Vietnam, for students of Architecture, Construction and Construction Engineering.

The Competition’s objective is to promote practical uses of BIM through collaborative and competitive learning approach among higher education students in construction related disciplines. This aims to challenge the participant’s creativity and innovation in the design of A multipurpose Co-working Place with the use of BIM.

What is the competition theme?

Show your BIM skills is the way to get impressed in this competition. There is no limitation for your imagination, you have 1 type of projects to go: A multipurpose Co- working Place.


From the sustainability point of view, Reinforced Concrete structures have a huge impact on global warming issue. Therefor, we request participants reuse one of elective buildings in HCMC or in another city of Vietnam where students need to rethink the space arrangement, fit out and façade design. All team can freely choose a site in Vietnam , with a real and specific situation. The criteria do not restrict the buildable area of the site, but please consider general building code of the location. The total area (according to the construction density of the area) from 700m2 and must not exceed 1200m2.


All students from universities in the field of architecture, interior design, construction, civil engineering, urban, landscape from Vietnam. Condition to form a team is having students from same school :

• We encourage you to have multidisciplinary teams if possible.

• 3 participants per team.

• All member of a team entrant must be above second-year students who can prove their student status during the online registration of the competition.

• All entries must be registered through the official competition website to be considered.

Please check the official website for the registration.


As in previous years, the groups participating in this year’s Archicad BIM Competition will compete in 3 rounds.

1st round (Proposal)

One panel A1 or 80×100 cm, layout horizontal or vertical, hand drawing is obligated for plan, section, facade. The layout consists of :

• All necessary plans, sections, elevations, perspectives

• Integration of project into site location using hand draw, rendering or photo of physical model

• Some DIAGRAM or DETAILS explain the solution for your design.

• Put registered team name at bottom right corner

• Project name

• A short description of your project explain your inspiration

• Photos of the model and drawings saved in the format *.zip / *.rar sent to the provided link (groups will receive after completing the registration procedure) *

English is not obligated for the 1st round.

2nd round (Design in BIM)

At the end of Round 2, teams will receive upload links to submit:

1. One ARCHICAD Archive Project file (.pla) contains following element in layout book:

• Floor plans, sections, elevations

• Project summary layout with:

• A brief description of your project

• Some interior views directly created by Archicad of the multifunctional space

2. One board in PDF format, A1 size (841×594 cm), with the project information including plans, sections, renderings.

Participants are encouraged to submit all the information they consider necessary to explain their proposal.

3. One BIMx file (.BIMX) contains 3D and layout * All text in this round have to be written in English.

Final round (Presentation)

Winners of 2nd round will receive upload links to submit with:

• BIMx, Powerpoint or PDF file for presentation

• Complementary files (multimedia, movie,…)

• Highlight the applicability of Archicad to the project On the day of presentation, for each group have to:

• Present within 10’ and 10’ for Q&A

• Presentation using PPT/PDF file and BIM model using BIMx

• Presentation using computer, Ipad provided by organization

*All text in this round has to be written in English.

* The presentation in English is a plus point.


1st round: Professors of participating universities, Graphisoft

2nd round: Graphisoft & GreenDS

3rd round: Professors of participating universities, Graphisoft and sponsors


The winning groups will receive the following cash prize values:

First Prize: 50,000,000 VND
Second Prize: 25,000,000 VND
Third Prize: 15,000,000 VND
All participating students receive a Certificate of Participation.


GreenDS will have full rights to publish and promote the material of this competition (for both printed and online publication), and always making proper mention of their authors and university participant.