The Structural Enterprise

Structural Analysis, Design and Documentation Products

Design organizations deal with multiple projects, often in parallel. The design tools used vary depending on each project need. To cope, firms buy individual software licenses on an ad hoc basis. That kind of licensing is both inefficient and expensive.

Bentley solves this problem by offering Structural Enterprise, a Special licensing system for our structural analysis and design products.

The Structural Enterprise offers:

  • Unlimited access. Structural Enterprise gives each licensed user unlimited access to the entire RAM product line, and nearly all modules within the STAAD and Microstran product lines.
  • A cost-effective portfolio. An equivalent portfolio of software purchased under the traditional licensing system would cost several times as much as the Structural Enterprise. Annual support is even more cost effective.
  • Improved workflows. By removing procurement concerns, Structural Enterprise allows organizations to fully capitalize on interoperability not only within Bentley’s structural portfolio, but also across building information Modeling platforms such as AECOsim, REVIT, and Tekla.
  • Simplification billing. Structural Enterprise simplifies numerous individually priced modules to a single license and maintenance fee.
  • Trusted brands. Structural Enterprise is simply a bundling of the well known and widely used STAAD, RAM, and Microstran products, each of which has been used for decades worldwide to design infrastructure projects both large and small.

Structural Enterprise is a particularly effective licensing solution if you:

  • Have designers that use more than one structural product during the course of the day
  • Are experiencing difficulty coordinating software license availability across your design teams
  • Are involved with projects in multiple design sectors (e.g., commercial, residential, industrial)
  • Work with multiple construction materials (such as steel, timber, concrete)
  • Need flexibility to design multiple structural types and components (e.g., floors, slabs, frames, walls, panels, connections, foundations, retaining walls)
  • Require analysis using a variety of algorithms (basic load takedowns, finite element analysis, static and dynamic, linear and non-linear)

Structural Enterprise Users

  • Ewing Cole
  • McNamara Salvia
  • Thornton Tomasetti
  • The Harman Group
  • Ysrael A. Seinuk
  • Weidlinger
  • Severud Associates
  • Donnell, DuQuesne & Albaisa, P.A.
  • Morris & Ritchie Associates, Inc.
  • GC Wallace
  • Lochsa Engineering
  • John A. Martin & Associates – Vegas
  • John A. Martin & Associates – L.A.
  • Graef, Anhalt, Schloemer & Associates, Inc.
  • Monroe & Newell
  • Englekirk Partners
  • Reaveley Engineers + Associates
  • Dunn Associates
  • Coffman Engineers
  • Thorson Baker & Associates
  • Virgilio & Associates
  • Wilcox Associates
  • BKBM Engineers
  • Walter P. Moore
  • HDR Engineering
  • Carter & Burgess
  • VanDorpe Chou Associates, Inc.

User Testimonial

“In the past managing licenses for all the different design programs we owned from Ram International and STAAD (now Bentley) was a daily ordeal. Back then engineers were always waiting for licenses to be freed to be able to get access to a specific program and be able to do their work (impeding work flow).

We were able to combine all the licenses we owned into a nice package of structural enterprise licenses and now the management of who accesses what program is no longer necessary since we never run out of licenses. It is really nice that when a computer uses a enterprise license, the user will be able to execute any number of Bentley programs without tying up additional licenses.”

-Gustavo Amaris, I.T. Manager
Severud Associates

  • Green Dragon Solution Co., Ltd
    M Floor, An Phu Plaza, 117 – 119 Ly Chinh Thang, Dist. 3, HCMC
    Hotline: 0903 877 966


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