Bexel Manager is developed by Bexel Consulting and based on advanced technologies intended to make your project proceed to completion smoothly and fast.  Our dedication to excellence in BIM software lasts for more than a decade of research and exploration of BIM practices and principles.

We affirm our commitment to following latest trends in AEC and BIM software industries and implementing newest breakthroughs so that Bexel Manager always remains up to date with the current state of the industry.

Bexel Manager

BEXEL Manager is BIM management software where all analysis are integrated into a single model and single solution.

Bexel Manager Life

BEXEL Manager lite is the perfect tool for small to medium size projects that contain up to 15,000 BIM elements.

Bexel Engineer

BEXEL Engineer is 3D BIM solution for the model view, review, analysis and quantification.

Bexel Manager FM

BEXEL Manager FM is software for centralized, model-based 6D facility maintenance planning and asset tracking.

Bexel Manager Enterprise

Fully customizable and scalable BIM platform. Integrate it with ERP system, third-party apps or your custom database.


Manager Lite

Manager FM
Manager Enterprise

Annual Subscription

Single User

480 € 900 € 2.400 € On request On request


(up to 15 installations, single concurrent user)

1.600 € 4.400 € On request

On request

 View Project Features
 Real-time model navigation

 Enhanced visualisation ( scenes & animations)

 Review Project Features

 Model data review
 Open IFC file format
 Federated BIM models from multiple sources
 BCF support (export and import, cloud based management)
 Advanced element search and filtering

 Color coded element breakdowns

 3D BIM Features

 Quantity takeoff (QTO) 
 Clash detection
 Interference management
 Bids and tendering

 4D BIM Features

 Schedule and plannning On request
 Construction methodologies On request
 Critical path method (CPM) and  analysis (CPA) On request
 Construction simulation On request
 Progress tracking On request
 Resource leveling On request
 Planned VS Actual  On request
 Import/Export from MS Project, Primavera On request

 5D BIM Features

 Cost Manager
 Work breakdown structure reporting
 Bill of quantities (BOQ)
 Cash flow analysis
 Support for custom classification system (i.e. Uniformat, Masterformat, Uniclass, DIN 276…)
 Company cost databases (using centralized Cost DB)

 6D BIM Features

 Facility Management (FM) On request
 Inteligent document linking On request
 Document management system (cloud based DMS) On request
  Asset model data On request

 Additional Features

 Power BI reporting
 Custom report templates On request On request
 Custom integration with ERP and other systems On request On request
 Custom database integration On request On request
 Advanced reporting engine
 Export attribute sets back to authoring tools
 Collaboration management system
 API & Add-in system
 Access to advanced tutorials, free cost databases and demo models on different languages
 Number of BIM elements Up to 15000 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
 Number of computer instalation Single

(up to 15 with floating)

(up to 15 with floating)
On request On request
 Customer support Basic Basic Advanced Advanced