Registration is open for the INSPIRELI Awards 2023!

We are happy to announce that registration is open for the INSPIRELI Awards 2023! This competition celebrates innovation, creativity, and excellence in Architecture, Interior, and Urban design. This is your chance to showcase your innovative designs and win great prizes, including the Archicad Prize for the best project created with Archicad! Projects will be evaluated based on quality and BIM standards.

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Register now through July 14. Don’t miss this opportunity to make a name for yourself in the design world!


The INSPIRELI Awards is an amazing competition that provides the opportunity for architecture students worldwide to showcase their projects and gain recognition. The main goal is to support and empower architectural talents free of charge while encouraging the sharing of innovative ideas that can inspire colleagues across the globe.
Students can submit their projects to one of three categories – Architecture, Interior, or Urban Design.

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Individuals, as well as teams, can compete. Although the categories INSIPIRELI don’t restrict participants to a specific topic, they can freely submit their school project addressing the architectural challenges in their country or region, potentially inspiring and assisting others in the future.

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The competition offers benefits beyond winning. The participants can request feedback on their project, which will be provided by a judge from a different continent. Additionally, a visualization specialist will offer expert advice on enhancing the presentation of your work. Regardless of winning, these insights contribute to your growth and development as an architect.

Score Amazing Prizes

Winning the INSPIRELI AWARDS introduces winners to an exclusive opportunity for global recognition in the field of architecture. Learn more about each prize below:

1st place: WINNER

  • Feedback on projects
  • Your name on the “Wings to the Future” cup
  • INSPIRELI AWARDS Winner certificate
  • Archicad professional license
  • Invitation to the BOARD OF ADVISORS
  • Invitation to the AIA
  • Invitation to the INSPIRELI AWARDS Jury

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2nd place: FINALISTS
  • Feedback on projects
  • INSPIRELI AWARDS Finalists certificate
  • Invitation to the BOARD OF ADVISORS
  • Invitation to the AIA
  • Invitation to the INSPIRELI AWARDS Jury


  • Feedback on projects
  • INSPIRELI AWARDS Participant certificate
  • Invitation to the INSPIRELI AWARDS Jury

How to register


The steps to register are as follows:

1. Sign up

2. Submit one or more projects into three categories: Architecture, Urban Design, Interior Design

3. Compete at Inspireli Awards sub-competitions: Archicad Prize, Lumion Prize, Edu-Competition. Aside from the main INSPIRELI AWARDS, all sub-competitions are evaluated separately so that you can win multiple prizes with the same project.

4. For each project, it is possible to mention all team members that worked with you.

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Register here.

More about INSPIRELI AWARDS 2023.

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