Restoring Croatia’s Church of St. Martin with the help of Archicad and BIMx

Thanks to state-of-the-art Building Information Modeling software, the Church of St. Martin, located in the small town of Martin Breg, Prozorje/ Dugo Selo, Croatia, will finally undergo a complete renovation and restoration.

Company name: Foretić Architects

Architects: Ivan ForetićDamir Foretić
Structural Engineers: Filip ForetićDarko Žagar
Other collaborators: Tin ČopAnamari Cunjac
Project name: St. Martin Church – renovation and virtual walk
Project location: Martin Breg, Croatia
Project type: Social, restoration Buildingarea: 500sqm
Year of completion: Started at 2010still in project phase
Software used: ArchicadBIMxSCIAPHOTOSHOP (for main design, 3D models and production); other software for minor things related to photogrammetry and point cloud models, movie production, etc.


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