GreenDS offers the opportunity to study Archicad for students at Vietnamese-German University

In the journey of accessing new technology and knowledge, having the opportunity to access specialized tools plays an extremely important role for architecture and construction students. Recognizing this, GreenDS – the official distribution, technical support and training partner of GRAPHISOFT software in Vietnam including ARCHICAD, BIMx and BIMcloud software has organized an Archicad training program for students of Vietnamese-German University.


With a commitment to bringing practical value and supporting students in grasping new technology, GreenDS organized a free 3-day Archicad training course from March 26, 2024 to March 28, 2024 for Vietnamese-German University. The course is not only an opportunity for students to access and master knowledge of the world’s leading architectural design software, but also a platform for students to develop skills and create opportunities. creative ideas in the architecture and construction industry.


GreenDS’s free Archicad training program at Vietnamese-German University not only focuses on imparting basic knowledge about the software, but also emphasizes the practical application of Archicad software through exercises and exercises. practice project. Students participating in the program will be guided from basic knowledge to advanced skills in using Archicad, from creating 3D models to creating detailed design drawings.


One of the important goals of the program is to create a learning environment and positive knowledge exchange between students and GreenDS employees who are intensively trained in Archicad by Graphisoft. GreenDS hopes that by participating in the program, students will not only have the opportunity to learn from leading experts in the field, but will also be able to master shortcuts and tricks to achieve the highest productivity.


GreenDS’s Archicad training program at Viet Duc University is an opportunity not to be missed for students who love architecture, technology and are passionate about creativity. Through that, we also hope to see the development and improvement of knowledge and skills of students, thereby contributing to the sustainable development of the architecture and construction industry in Vietnam.

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