What is in Solibri Site?

On site, you don’t need the full array of functionalities – you just need the ones that provide you the relevant information timely and reliably, to help you get that model turned into an actual building. That’s what Solibri Site is for. It’s recommended for Solibri Office users.

It’s for those who make it happen

Site managers and others responsible for the on-site operations must be able to ensure the building at hand can be built. With Solibri, the information flows seamlessly from the office to the site and back, as you can view and comment on the models while on-site, making the communication with the designers and BIM managers smoother than ever. To top that, you can produce all the information needed on site directly from the models, without a need for manual data transfer, let alone pen and paper. It’s time to enter the digital era of construction sites!

It’s for those who do quantities

Knowing what you need and how much is crucial for proper on-site management, and Solibri makes it easier than ever. We don’t just offer you quantity takeoffs, we go further – our flexible information takeoffs allow you to mine the data you need and much more. You can extract all the information directly from the model, on site, right when you need it. What’s more is you can tag, label and structure models to classify their components in meaningful ways. The classifications can be used both for running quality checks and also for facilitating communication – for example, you can focus only on a given area of interest, whether that be ventilation, windows, electrical system or anything else included in the model. Use information takeoffs together with classification and get yourself a very powerful combination – the one that could dramatically impact the way you work.

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