ZWCAD – Efficient 2D CAD software

ZWSOFT – a comprehensive CAD solution provider has just announced the release of the latest version ZWCAD 2024 of its powerful 2D CAD product. This version is packed with new features and improvements that help users create great products more quickly and conveniently. Let’s explore more deeply with GreenDS about the new features and improvements of ZWCAD 2024 and how they can benefit users in the CAD field.

What is ZWCAD?

ZWCAD is a 2D CAD drawing design software similar to AutoCAD, developed by ZWSOFT – a technology company based in China. With a familiar interface and commands, ZWCAD easily helps architects, engineers, and designers in the AEC industry as well as manufacturing industries turn their creativity into reality.

ZWcad 2024

The software is designed to be compatible with most CAD software and supports the latest DWG format. Therefore, ZWCAD not only meets work needs well but also helps businesses save costs of investing in software licenses.

What is the price of ZWCAD packages?

ZWSOFT has divided ZWCAD into many different packages, each with its own unique features. To use effectively and save maximum budget, please contact to receive free consultation from the official distributor in the Vietnamese market – GreenDS via hotline 0903 877 966.

New features of ZWCAD 2024 software

ZWCAD 2024 software not only helps increase working efficiency but also brings flexibility and convenience to users through the following new additional features:

  • Flexiblock: This is the same feature as AutoCAD dynamic® block, but with maximum convenience and flexibility. Flexiblock contains actions and parameters, allowing you to easily change the shape of the block as desired without any restrictions.
  • Point Cloud: Processing point cloud data in ZWCAD is easier than ever, helping to improve design accuracy. You can easily attach, manage and edit them, including cropping and creating section diagrams, to produce accurate and reliable results.
  • Quick Properties Panel: To view and edit properties quickly, ZWCAD 2024 provides Quick Properties Panel. This dashboard can be customized to reflect your specific needs, helping to optimize your workflow.
  • Area tables: This feature automatically creates area tables in just a few simple steps. Area tables can be flexibly customized, helping you create accurate and easy-to-read information tables that fully reflect the information needed for your project.

Improved features on ZWCAD 2024 software

In addition to adding new features to ZWCAD 2024, ZWSoft has also improved and optimized existing features to provide a better user experience as follows:

  • Improve efficiency: Take full advantage of multi-threading, hardware acceleration and storage speed to open, view, edit and store files faster than ever, helping to increase productivity.
  • Improved Mtext command: Process text more quickly and accurately with new functions such as Numbering, Column Break and Spell Check, helping to improve work quality and speed.
  • Improved File Compare command: Compare and analyze files more efficiently with new capabilities like Export Snapshot, Hide Differences, and Import Objects, making it easier to track changes and improve project management judgment.
  • Improved 3D Orbit rotation: The viewing experience of 3D models becomes more convenient with easier access to perspective and parallel views, view control facilities, and modes different navigation.
  • DGN File Attachment: Integrated DGN file attachment feature to easily interact with upstream companies. You can also edit DGN files such as creating boundaries and editing layers.
  • Xref Layer Override: This feature allows overriding layers of external reference drawings, helping to avoid duplication and optimize layer management in the project.

Compare ZWCAD and AutoCAD

Both ZWCAD and AutoCAD are two popular CAD software in the architecture and design industry. However, they have different characteristics and features.

Interface and features

AutoCAD: Is a symbol in designing CAD drawings, famous for its complex interface and many powerful features.
ZWCAD: User-friendly interface and easier to navigate. It also supports users to convert to the classic interface like in AutoCAD.


AutoCAD: Investing in copyright costs is not small.
ZWCAD: Much lower initial cost, just pay once and own the software forever.

Import PDF feature

AutoCAD: Automatically convert content from PDF files to text in AutoCAD.
ZWCAD: Import PDF displays as an image and does not allow editing of imported content.

Reasons to use ZWCAD software to replace AutoCAD

ZWCAD software is a suitable choice for designers with an interface and features similar to AutoCAD, helping users save time and effort when using.

ZWCAD is fully compatible with DWG/DXF file formats and has a powerful API to create better solutions.

The SmartMouse feature allows taking notes using audio files, helping to increase working efficiency with drawings. Users can also design quickly and accurately by importing actual images from Google Earth.

Moreover, ZWCAD also supports multi-language with more than 15 popular languages to help expand usability.

ZWCAD also allows direct viewing and editing on mobile devices, saving time and increasing team efficiency. With a lightweight computer configuration, no need for hardware upgrade costs, you can save money and still get good performance. It is important that ZWCAD provides 24/7 technical support in Vietnam, helping users solve any problems quickly.

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