LWK + Partners, Hong Kong – Archicad Case Study

Global top 30 architectural practice

LWK + PARTNERS is the leading architectural and design practice in Hong Kong, with more than 1,100 employees collaborating across a network of 12 global offices in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, the Philippines, and the Middle East.

Archicad in LWK + Partners 1Head quater of LWK + PARTNERS in Hongkong (image: graphisoft)

Established in 1985, LWK + PARTNERS has grown to become one of the top 30 largest architectural practices in the world. With a strong focus on sustainability and innovation, its services include architecture, planning and urban design, interior design, landscape design, heritage conservation, building information modeling (BIM), brand experience, and lighting design.

Archicad in LWK + Partners 2“We chose Archicad, because our ultimate purpose is to make things work.” William Cheung Director, LWK + Partners.

Bringing the team on-board with BIM

Recognizing a growing trend in the region towards BIM adoption, LWK + PARTNERS has worked to fully embed BIM throughout the practice.
At first, this meant adapting its workflow to enable more time to be allocated for the creation of an accurate 3D model at the start of a project. However, this provides benefits later in the project, with considerable time and cost savings achievable thanks to a smoother construction management process.

Archicad in LWK + Partners 3Using Archicad in LWK + PARTNERS is a first step for positive changes in design process (image: graphisoft)

The shift to BIM meant a sea-change in the way the architects worked; moving away from hundreds of separate 2D drawings to one central 3D model from which any number of sections, elevations, plans or schedules can be extracted.
Using Archicad results in a very smooth process from design through to planning and construction. Once the team realized the full benefits of using Archicad and BIM, they embraced it wholeheartedly.

“The difficulty of BIM adoption is time management…The workload is heavier in the beginning stages, but later it becomes more relaxed.” Henry Man Project Director, LWK + Partners.

LWK + PARTNERSComing up some good ideas with Archicad (image: graphisoft)

Creative design and showstopping visualizations

Design is at the heart of the practice and LWK + PARTNERS chose Archicad as it is much more design-oriented than other BIM software.
Freeform parametric design software Rhino and Grasshopper were already well established in the practice, and thanks to Archicad’s easy-to-use live connection with the software, the team can easily link these design workflows into Archicad.
In addition to the ease of design, Archicad’s in-built visualization tools are invaluable in helping LWK + PARTNERS create early-stage presentations.

LWK + PARTNERS 2Thanks to the successful BIM Archicad application, now LWK + PARTNERS strengthens its position as one of the world’s leading architectural firms (Image: graphisoft)

Creating 3D diagrams, renders and fly-through animations was previously very time-consuming but with Archicad, once the 3D model is built, all types of visualization as well as plans, sections and elevations can be created very quickly and easily, resulting in significant time-savings throughout the project.

LWK + PARTNERS 3“Archicad is much more powerful than other software. It’s hands-on, easy to work with and to complete the needed tasks.” Jimmy Lau
BIM Manager, LWK + Partners

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