All together

All Together

In business, the result of technological change is often measured in financial terms alone. Things like higher profits. Lower costs. Greater efficiency. Fewer project hours. Adopting BIM enables them all. Yet it does so by first changing something more fundamental, which takes many firms by surprise.

At the heart of BIM is a relentless need for teamwork. Not just within a firm, but between AEC partners. Siloed roles suddenly become interdependent, because everyone is contributing to a single model from concept to construction. As our third episode shows, how staff react and adapt is the true key to success.

Inside the Episode

Leading the story are three firms on different paths, yet a joint sense of destiny and purpose. Together, Ian Birchall + Associates, Revuela and AIDEA not only span the globe but represent the pinnacle of innovative BIM practice and team culture. Whether you’re a boutique or top 50 firms, the lessons are fascinating and relevant.

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