What’s new in Lumion 10 ?

Breathe life into 3D models.
Invite others to see the beauty of your designs.

Lumion 10 builds on the tradition of making 3D rendering a stress-free part of architectural workflows. Simply imagine how you want to show your design and Lumion 10 can help you quickly bring that vision to life.

Others will be able to see the beauty of what you created, conveyed in its living environment.

With new features and tools, it’s easier than ever to communicate residential and commercial exteriors in their richly detailed

settings, cast interiors in a beautiful interplay of light and shadow, and develop living environments for landscapes and cityscapes.
Ten versions of Lumion. A decade of reliable, intuitive rendering software.

Made especially for you — the architect.

Top new features in Lumion 10

  • Fine-detail Nature (Pro only)
  • Displacement mapping
  • Real Skies at night (Pro only)
  • Aurora Borealis (Pro only)
  • Photo Matching (Pro only)
  • Heightmaps for OSM (Pro only)
  • AI Artist Styles
  • New objects
  • High-quality preview
  • New materials
  • Paint placement
  • Custom materials library
  • Landscape cutter
  • Ease in/out control for movie clips
  • Improved object library
  • Improved DWG import

Create a dialogue between architectural design and its future setting.
* Model design by Van Manen.

High-quality preview

Unveil the beauty of your design before rendering.

The new high-quality preview in Lumion 10 lets you see the highest possible quality preview of your project before you render. You can experience how the effects in Photo, Movie or Panorama mode will impact the final result, empowering confidence and saving time when making changes to lighting, shadows, materials and camera positions.

With the high-quality preview, what you see is what you get. Accurate. Reliable. Beautiful.

Fine-detail Nature* (Pro only)
The 62 new Fine-detail Nature models in Lumion 10 are the most detail-rich, beautiful 3D tree and plant models available in the Lumion content library.

With trees, bushes, shrubs and more, these models will visually enrich your scene with life. They can help you imagine the feeling of leaves fluttering in the wind or the rough texture of bark. Place one in front of a home, building or park design, and others will see how your design connects with its living environment.

Displacement mapping
When surfaces contain relief and detail, the materials and your entire design come to life. With the addition of displacement mapping to 167 materials in Lumion 10, your audience will be able to feel the grain of your chosen wood, the rough surface of bricks, the bumpy texture of gravel.

Breathe life into your 3D renders. Capture the spirit of your designs.

Real Skies at night (Pro only)
When looking up at the night sky and its thousand dazzling stars, it’s easy to feel a sense of wonder and beauty toward your surroundings. This is the feeling we wanted to help architects create when showing their designs, and now we’re excited to introduce 5 new Real Skies at night available in Lumion 10 Pro.

In an instant, you can place your building or home under a clear, starry night or the wondrous beauty of the Milky Way. For interiors, you can show clients the experience of staring into the great expanse of space from the coziness of their future bedroom, living room, patio or kitchen.

Aurora Borealis (Pro only)
They’re a feast for the eyes as they gently float above your design, and if you’ve ever seen them in real life, you know the powerful feeling they impart.

Now, in Lumion 10 Pro, you can give an ethereal and artistic flavor to your renders by showing your designs under an orchestra of color and beauty with the new Aurora Borealis effect.


Photo Matching (Pro only)

Photograph a view. Match it to your design.

Photo Matching is available in Lumion 10 Pro. Now, you can place your 3D model in the context provided by a real-life photograph. Immediately show your design in the middle of its future residential neighborhood. Capture stunning, real-life locations and match them to your model with a few clicks of a button.

Whether showing clients a realistic property view or for compliance with authorities, you can match your architectural visualization to any photographed background, anywhere.

Heightmaps for OSM (Pro only)

Heightmaps for OSM (Pro only)
Have you ever wanted to transport the majesty of the Rocky Mountains or the Swiss Alps right into your Lumion scene editor? Or perhaps you needed to show your design in the picturesque beauty of the project’s rolling hillsides

Real-life elevations are now within reach in Lumion 10. With the new heightmaps for OSM, you can recreate the actual elevations surrounding your project, from small, gradual climbs to mountainous, jagged peaks.

AI Artist Styles*

Blend art and architecture. Create artistic, impressionistic images of your designs. To hang on the wall of the client’s new home. For inclusion in your firm’s portfolio. Or simply for fun.

With AI Artist Styles, an experimental neural network feature in Lumion 10, you can see an interpretation of your design with the unique painting style of legendary artists, including the styles of Monet, Kandinsky, Picasso and others.

*Minimum 16GB of system memory required.

364 new objects in the Content Library (Pro only)*

Architecture is viewed by some as the intersection between humanity with the built spaces, and how people experience a building. Now, with 364 new objects in Lumion 10 Pro, (and 104 objects unlocked in Lumion Normal), you can make built spaces come alive. Show your vision for interiors with new seating, tables and kitchen models.

Demonstrate movement and social connections with new high-quality animated people. And create compelling, visually astounding environments with the fine-detail nature models.All of the new objects are HD quality, and the new additions bring the total number of items in the Lumion 10 Pro content library to 5,758*.

All trees and plants, except for the Fine-detail nature, were created using SpeedTree (Registered Trademark). The new objects in Lumion 10 Pro include, but are not limited to:

62 fine-detail nature objects, including plants and trees
11 vehicles, including sports cars and an SUV
180 interior objects, including seating, kitchen, tables and more
30 high-quality animated 3D people, including men, women, elderly people, bicyclists and more
81 exterior objects, including buildings, furniture, and lights
…and several others.

New materials (many with displacement mapping)*

Along with the displacement mapping that was added to 133 current materials, you can find 34 new, beautifully realistic materials, including soil, rock and other exterior materials. Now, you have more options when showing exterior views of your design surrounded by captivating, beautiful outdoor environments.

Some of the new materials in Lumion 10 include, but are not limited to:

12 new soil materials, including beautiful new sand materials that come alive with displacement mapping.
9 various rock materials
10 exterior materials, including concrete, metal, and stone
3 indoor tiles
All of the new materials include displacement mapping.

Dependable 3D rendering tools and effects.
To streamline workflows. And help you accomplish more.

Paint placement

Need environmental context, fast?

With the new paint placement tool in Lumion 10, just sweep your mouse like a brush across an area to place hundreds of natural objects in your scene. Like painting on a piece of paper, scatter swathes of trees, rocks, and shrubs over the landscape to impart that sense of natural realism to the context surrounding your architectural design.

Control Customized Materials

Your favorite materials are now accessible from one convenient place. So when you’ve meticulously tweaked a brick material exactly to your liking, imported and personalized a fabric material, or created a custom material you want to use again and again, you can easily save and apply these materials in an instant.

Landscape cutter

Basements, swimming pools and more. Whenever your project has an ‘underground’ that needs to be visualized, the new landscape cutter tool can instantly cut a custom-sized hole in the Lumion editor landscape. Just place the landscape cutter over the area you want to remove and create a top surface cutout to fit with the elements of your 3D model.

Ease in/out control for movie clips

Making a beautiful movie is more than setting a camera path — it’s also about controlling the camera speed and guiding the viewer’s eyes to admire the details of the project.

Now, with ease in/out control for movie clips, you can choose whether the camera accelerates at the beginning of a movie clip and decelerates at the end, or if the camera maintains a constant, linear speed.

Improved object library

Lumion’s object library continues to grow with every version, and in Lumion 10, navigating and using the 5,600+ objects* has never been easier. With larger thumbnails to help you find and place the correct object, the first time, combined with the ability to minimize the object library to maximize your screen space, creating a full, detail-rich architectural visualization is now a seamless and enjoyable task.

Improved DWG import

Do you import DWG files into Lumion? In the past, the DWG To Lumion Bridge file importer was a reliable tool when you needed to get those DWG files into your Lumion scene.

With the release of Lumion 10, you no longer need the DWG To Lumion Bridge. An updated DWG import is now integrated into Lumion 10 with improved .dwg and .dxf file import support and automatic materials conversion for materials named ‘glass’ and ‘water.’

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